Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hello!! I haven't written in a hot minute and I do miss it. I have some upcoming posts planned and will hopefully get into a regular routine <3

This video is of an everyday makeup look, but I go in depth on every step. The whole reason I want to make makeup videos is

1)I love makeup. and

2)I want to help others learn tips and tricks to flawless makeup! 

I learned most of what I know from endlessly watching YouTube videos and copying their every move until I got it. Hope you enjoy the video! Please leave a comment on other videos you would like to see



The month of January has flown by! I’ve been so distracted and busy (and lazy too). We had been looking for an apartment or rental to move to for several months now and finally found one before the holidays! They were still being built so our move date was pushed to February. We are so excited to have a place to call our own. I left college in 2012 and moved into a house my dad had purchased. a real fixer upper. It was cute and it was something different. I lived with two other girls for the next year. Around the beginning of 2013 they both moved out and I was planning on finding a place as well for my soon-to-be husband and I to live. We looked and looked all while I lived alone in that house and planned our wedding. Soon the wedding was here and we hadn’t found a place. So we came back from our honeymoon and just stayed put. It was a blessing of a house with affordable rent, plenty of space, and a backyard for our pup. But I had lived in this house for three years with other people. There was too much hand-me-down furniture to count. We wanted a fresh start. We are striving towards a minimal lifestyle; keeping only the possessions we need.

So I’ve been absent while we packed and sorted through the past four years accumulated there. This past week we made the big move from around 1250 square feet to 642 square feet on the second floor. Although that sounds negative, we couldn’t be happier with our new home. We didn’t come close to filling the box truck used to move. We invested in some furniture to call our own, J built me a big work desk we had both been wanting. The first few days were definitely challenging living out of boxes. "Now where did we put that?" was said numerous times. And having all my makeup packed away was a bit o f a struggle for me. The pup is not used to hardwood floors, but he's a champ and is adjusting quickly. The apartment complex is very pet friendly and even has a decent sized dog park. We put together our ikea purchases, and everything started to find it’s place. One week in and I feel like we are already home. I’m sure there are plenty of bumps in the road ahead of us, living in close quarters with a big dog, but I welcome the challenges I know it will further our character individually and definitely strengthen us as a whole. Excited for what’s to come in 2016.


Working big, Working small

Some may enjoy working big, others may like to work small. I think there is value in both. I used to always work small. I made small drawings and was too scared to work big.  My fear in working big came from the worry of making a mistake, because if I made a mistake it wasn't small, it was right there staring me in the face. That is when I realized I need to create on a larger scale at times, to lose the fear of perfection and to fall more in love with the process of creating.

The drawing above is 6' by 3'. It is abstract and the first large scale drawing I have ever done. I  had no clue what it would become. I still can not tell you what it is. Every time I look at it I see something new. However, this drawing always reminds me of the freedom in creating and that it is ok to not know what the final product will be. This may be obvious to some artists, but for me it was a learning experience. 

2" by 3" pen sketch
Then there is the value in working small. When I have limited windows of time, I will do a sketch just to keep drawing like the one above.  Being able to draw out an idea or image can work quickly for a small sketch. At other times it is just enjoyable to work small. I can appreciate these types of drawings because they are simpler.

So try working small if you always work big, or work big if you only do small. Try them all and be free to create.


How Did It Get So Late So Soon?


December is here, can you believe it?! We wish you nothing but joy during this holiday season. 

                                        A & K

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?
— Dr. Seuss

Illustration by Kortney. Video production by Abigail.