Working big, Working small

Some may enjoy working big, others may like to work small. I think there is value in both. I used to always work small. I made small drawings and was too scared to work big.  My fear in working big came from the worry of making a mistake, because if I made a mistake it wasn't small, it was right there staring me in the face. That is when I realized I need to create on a larger scale at times, to lose the fear of perfection and to fall more in love with the process of creating.

The drawing above is 6' by 3'. It is abstract and the first large scale drawing I have ever done. I  had no clue what it would become. I still can not tell you what it is. Every time I look at it I see something new. However, this drawing always reminds me of the freedom in creating and that it is ok to not know what the final product will be. This may be obvious to some artists, but for me it was a learning experience. 

2" by 3" pen sketch
Then there is the value in working small. When I have limited windows of time, I will do a sketch just to keep drawing like the one above.  Being able to draw out an idea or image can work quickly for a small sketch. At other times it is just enjoyable to work small. I can appreciate these types of drawings because they are simpler.

So try working small if you always work big, or work big if you only do small. Try them all and be free to create.